Wakefield House

Wakefield Vacation Rental

The Wakefield House, our second home originally built in 1998 is near and dear us. At the time we sought to expand upon the design elements we had brought to our first vacation home Fairhaven.

Wakefield with its unique two story box bay window and flip design ( living area , kitchen and dining as well as fourth bed and second bath on the upper floor ) give the vacationer over a 90 degree view of the ocean, light house and vibrant community of Nye Beach, Newport.



Applegate House

Applegate Vacation House

Applegate House was completed and opened in 2000. With it we continued to expand upon concepts that worked in our previous two vacation homes.

Applegate offers a gas fireplace as well as the convenient flip design (living area upstairs) that takes advantage of the ocean outside.

Applegate continues to offer the family, business and pet conscious traveler a comfortable environment to enjoy their vacation time.


Bennington House

Bennington House in Newport, Or

Our Bennington House was completed and opened in 2002. With it we brought together all the previous successes of our three prior homes.

Includes gas fireplace, flip design, entertainment center, hot tub (see complete list below).

Familiar built up moldings with new wainscot add an element of design to make Bennington a special place.